TMK stands for Tax Map Key. TMKs are used to uniquely identify each parcel of land in the State of Hawaii. The format for a TMK is Island-District-Section-Plat-Parcel.  For example, TMK 3-1-4-10-129 identifies the lot that the tennis court at Kapoho Beach Lots is located. The meaning of the numbers are:

3 - the Island of Hawaii
1 - the District of Puna
4 - the Section representing the general Kapoho area
10 - the Plat near the Kapoho gate
129 - the Parcel of the tennis court lot

The link below to the County of Hawaii's website will list maps in a .TIF format that are periodically updated.  They may not list current ownership, but should rather be used for general orientation of properties within the community. 

From their website, select file H14010.TIF for parcels along Kapoho Beach Road & Laimana Avenue up to Likeke Lane, including those along Alapaki Lane and Ewa Lane.

Select file H14011.TIF for parcels along Kapoho Beach Road around the loop and Laimana Avenue between Likeke Lane and Konani Road, including Luana Place.

Select file H14025.TIF for parcels along Kumukahi Road and Malulani Circle.

Select file H14026.TIF for parcels along a portion of Malulani Circle, Kekailoa Place and Hokulani Road.

Select file H14027.TIF for parcels along Alapai Point Road, Alapai Point Place and Wainani Road. 

View a list of all maps on the County of Hawaii's website 


The TMK maps below are in .pdf format and have two numbers on each lot...the underlined number is the parcel number, which is the last portion of the TMK identifier.  The circled number was a lot number that was used by the original subdivision developers, and have no relevance today.