KBCA Policies & Procedures:

Various policies and procedures have been formalized by the KBCA Board to ensure the smooth function of the community and the smooth transition of duties from one board to another.  Those listed below have been approved and adopted by the Board. It became obvious that our By-laws and also Policy & Procedure: Elections, Nominations, Ballots, & Proxies were in need of revision and committees were established for those purposes in December 2014.  Those revisions were approved in July 25, 2015. The Revised P & Ps for Elections etc are posted below. The 2015 Bylaws revisions will be posted as soon as recorded by the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances. The Policies and Procedures for Secretary were approved as revised in Juy 25, 2015 to reflect that the online forum is now maintained by a resident independent of the KBCA Board of Directors.

If you have a suggestion for other policies and procedures, please contact one of the Board members.  

KBCA Documents:



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