Aloha and Welcome Owners!

For new residents of Kapoho Beach Lots, the Board of Directors of the Kapoho Beach Community Association (KBCA) have provided this brief orientation that we hope will help you get established quickly and begin to share our cherished lifestyle.  You may print out an abridged version of this letter to provide for your guests or tenants from the "Guests Welcome Letter" section posted on the left of this website.  If you have a question that is not answered somewhere here within the website, please contact one of the board members as listed under the "Contact Your Board" section to the left of this website.

The Kapoho Beach Community Association is governed by the KBCA Bylaws, in process of being updated from the August 2001 Bylaws currently posted, and available for reading and printing under the "Our Policies & Documents" section to the left.  A volunteer Board of Directors holds meetings in the community which are open to all KBCA property owners.  Scheduled meetings are posted in advance on the community bulletin board by the mailboxes as well as on our Online Forum and here on our website to the upper right.  Elections are held in the fall of each year for staggered 2-year terms (three positions one year, 4 positions the next) and an annual budget is proposed, revised and approved at our annual meeting held each February.  Annual road assessments are determined by the Board based upon the proposed annual budget and projected funds needed for the periodic resurfacing of the roads, and are billed prior to the annual meeting.  Our most important issues and policies are discussed and determined at our annual meetings and we highly encourage you to attend or provide your proxies for voting.  

It is important to have your name, correct mailing address, and phone number on file so that our roster is kept up-to-date and that you may receive our community newsletters as well as any special notices, and that we may quickly contact you in the event of an urgency.  Please notify a Board member if you are a new community member, have a change of address, or change contact numbers.

Following are some other basic points of information:

ROADS AND ACCESS – All the roads within the subdivision are private property.  The roads and water accesses are maintained by the Kapoho Beach Community Association.  Please drive slowly and use extreme caution as many residents enjoy the pedestrian use of our roads at all hours of the day, and we do have small children and pets within the subdivision.  Please drive within the 15 mph speed limit.

Due to liability concerns, "dirt bikes," ATVs (all terrain vehicles) and other unlicensed vehicles are prohibited from entry and use of KBCA roads.  Please advise your guests of this prohibition.  Owner's golf carts are approved for use on the association's roads, however, NO vehicles including golf carts are allowed on the ocean accesses.

Our gate opens electronically using an electronic gate pass.  Only one car at a time can pass through and no “tailgating” is allowed.  A "ONE VEHICLE PER GATE OPENING" sign is posted on the front of the gate for all to see. If you are expecting guests, they can use our remote call box system located to the left of the gate.  Owners are assigned a code number that is linked to the land line of the residence within the community.  Guests should enter your 3 digit code number or they may press A or Z to scroll through the list for your name (alphabetical by last name) then enter the correct code number listed next to the name.  This will ring your home phone and you will need to press “9” to open the gate for them. Only one car at a time may pass through and no “tailgating” is allowed.  If drivers attempt to tailgate, the outside wooden arm will come down and damage their vehicle.  Please make sure they know how to get to your home once through the gate.

Once inside, guests are required to park on your property.  If they must park on the roadway, it should be fronting your property, but off the road.  Roads must remain clear for access by emergency vehicles.  Any other parking situation could cause the car to be towed away at the owner’s expense. 

GATE PASSES – A property owner can purchase up to four gate passes.  The gate pass order form is posted under the "Need a Gate Pass?" section on the left of this website.  Be sure to record the numbers of your gate passes and store them in a safe place.  Replacement passes cost the same as the original passes.  Gate passes are not transferable when selling your property.  Lost or stolen gate passes can be deactivated, and we request you contact us as soon as you are aware of a missing gate pass, even if you do not plan to replace it.

OCEAN ACCESS – Although there are 8 community owned ocean access paths within the subdivision, all located on the northern side of the bay, there are only 3 accesses considered "relatively safe" for actual ocean entry and exit.  ALL accesses should be considered "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK."  Three paths lead to the lava accretion land; one ends at a seawall, and one is quite hazardous due to algae growth.  A map showing the location of these accesses is posted under the "Access to Kapoho Bay" section on the left of this website, and may be downloaded and printed.  Please provide a copy of this map to your guests or renters.  Please remember that sea walls and landings are the private property of owners and are not to be walked on. 

KAPOHO WATER COMPANY – County water is available to all lot owners.  The Kapoho Water Company board is managed by community volunteers as a separate entity from the KBCA.  To have a meter installed or start an account in your name, please contact Laurie Dice at 965-5445.

KAPOHO BEACH COMMUNITY MAIL BOXES – If you would like your mail delivered to one of the boxes located just outside the gate, please fill out the mailbox application posted under the "Need a Mailbox?" section on the left of this website.  A one-time, non-refundable fee of $125 is required for use of one of these mailboxes.  Mailboxes are not transferable with the sale of your property.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – The community has no active Neighborhood Watch (NW) program in effect.  Volunteers are needed to restart this program.  To learn more about the program contact the current KBCA Secretary.  Report all suspicious activity to the police non-emergency number at 935-3311.  Police and Fire can be called in an emergency by dialing 911.  Theft from unlocked cars and homes most often fuels drug use within the wider community, so you are encouraged to protect your valuables, as well as your gate passes.  

GENERAL COURTESIES – Please be considerate of your neighbors with regard to noise between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM.  Please request that your renters, guests or workmen on your property also respect the tranquility of the neighborhood during those hours.  We all deserve the peace and quiet that is a source of pride and distinction for this residential community.

PETS - Hawai`i County law requires that if you have a dog, it must be on a leash when not on your property.  For the safety of the residents of the community, as well as that of your pet, please keep your dog confined to your property or on a leash. 

YARD TRIMMINGS AND COCONUT FRONDS – Please handle these on your property or haul them to an appropriate place, such as the Pahoa or Keaau Solid Waste Transfer Stations.  Trimmings may not be dumped along the association's roadsides.  Owners should be specific when hiring yard services that all trimmings must be disposed of properly.  Errant trimming disposal is unsightly, a fire hazard, trespassing and a coqui frog habitat.  Owners may be fined for improper disposal of their trimmings when our roadside maintenance crew is required to clean up after them.  The Association currently employs a licensed and bonded tree trimmer by the name of Jeremy Smith for work on trees within the road easements of the community...he can be reached at 1-808-936-8113 should you wish to inquire about his services and fees for work upon your own property. 

INTERNET FORUM – Accessible via the "Join Our Online Forum" section on the left of this website, this venue is managed by a resident for owners, caretakers, long-term renters, and rental property managers to share general information and discussion of neighborhood related topics.  All postings on the forum need to be respectful and civil.  Private communications between individuals should not be posted, nor should those of a political, religious or commercial nature.  Basically, if you wouldn’t say it in front of your neighbors it’s probably not a good idea to post it on the forum.  Inappropriate postings can be grounds for losing your use privileges. This forum is not a function of the KBCA Board of Directors. If you wish to contact a Board member, please do so via telephone or email using the list on the left of this page.

EMERGENCIES/MANDATORY EVACUATIONS -- In the recent past, we have experienced mandatory evacuation due to Tsunami warnings.  Mandatory evacuation is called by County Civil Defense and implemented by the County Police Department.  This means Civil Defense honestly believes there is imminent danger.  They WILL NOT rescue you.  However, you should know that they cannot force you to leave your home.  The large yellow tsunami sirens mounted at the gatehouse are sound tested monthly at 11:45am on the first business day of the month.  

EMERGENCIES/ LOCAL EARTHQUAKE – If you feel a strong earthquake, a tsunami could be generated.  A rule of thumb is anything stronger than a 6 on the Richter scale (one strong enough to knock items off the shelf doff of shelves), if generated locally, can trigger a tsunami.  And, it may reach our shores almost immediately, within minutes.  If you are in a low-lying area you are advised to go to higher ground.  It is possible that Civil Defense will not have time to sound the siren (located by the entrance gate). You should also listen to the local radio and watch the ocean for abnormal activity. 

Again, welcome to Kapoho Beach Lots.  We hope these useful references and simple guidelines will help you enjoy the neighborhood!