Kapoho Beach Lot Gate Passes & Call Box Use

Our entry and exit gates are electronically operated and will open automatically in the event of a power failure. 

Owners may purchase up to four gate passes for their personal use and the use of their regular guests, rental property managers, and workers.  The passes are available in four styles:  1) as a Hanging Pass, a plastic card that hangs from your rear view mirror and can be transferred between vehicles at a cost of $50;  2) as a Permanent Rear View Mirror Sticker Pass, a 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" adhesive sticker to be placed on the back of the rear view mirror (passenger side) at a cost of $25;  3) as a Windshield Sticker Pass, a sticker applied directly to the windshield of older vehicles with lead in the windshield glass that would interfere in the signal reception from other passes at a cost of $25;  and 4) as a Bolt-on Bar Pass to be mounted on golf carts at a cost of $25.  Please note that the sticker passes can be removed but not reused after removal.  Replacement passes are charged at the same cost as the originals. 

The Board strongly recommends the sticker passes because they are less expensive for you to purchase and reduce the number of passes that are lost or stolen.  A copy of the vehicle registration must be submitted with your request for sticker passes, and the vehicle must be registered in the state of Hawaii. 

Lost or stolen passes can be deactivated and should be reported to the Board as soon as possible, even if you do not intend to replace them

There are only two exceptions to the four pass limit

1.  TMK's with more than one assessed dwelling unit may purchase an additional two passes for each additional assessed dwelling unit under a rental agreement.  You will need to submit a copy of the rental agreement with your request.

2.  In dire circumstances, such as during construction or remodeling, up to 4 additional passes may be rented, even if you already hold the maximum number of passes.  The charge for a rental pass is $200 for up to one years time, after which they may be renewed at the same cost for an additional year. 

As a reminder, the yellow Call Box outside the gate is free to use.  The Call Box contains a list of Beach Lots residents with local landlines that have been assigned a three-digit code for remote entry.  Guests, workers, and delivery agents may enter a resident's three digit code to call the resident's land line where the answering party can press  "9" on the home phone to remotely open the gate.  Please make sure they know how to get to your residence once through the gate.  Use of the A and Z buttons on the Call Box will allow them to scroll through the list of residents registered for their appropriate three-digit code.  Additional directions for use of the Call Box are posted on the Call Box.  To have your name and land line added to the Call Box registry, or to order new or replacement gate passes, please contact the board member in charge as listed on the Contact Your Board link found throught the column on the Left.

Use the following form when ordering your gate passes:

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